Agnostic theists don’t blame God

Core to the belief of an agnostic theist is knowing that we do not know if God exists; we do not know of his involvement or lack thereof. Whilst we believe there may be a God, most do not attribute our fates to God.

Too often I hear people blaming God for their situation, for some let down of another. Agnostic theism in a sense does allow someone to blame God as they believe God to be; however, it is more common for an agnostic theist to be practical.

If a series of events happen it is more sensical for an agnostic theist to see things as they are. Blaming an invisible force often leaves us blind to reality. The same argument can be made to believing in luck, superstition, astrology and other invisible forces. One does not exclude their possibility however it is clear that in life there is normally a more factual explanation to hardship.

Let’s take something that happened recently in my life. My grandfather passed away from stage 4 cancer. I could blame God for it and I could blame God for not saving him. I could also thank God for allowing him into the world in the first place. A more practical approach is understanding that cancer is a cell mutation that can be caused by a number of things. Cancer can sometimes be cured and other times it cannot. Most importantly it is about understanding that there is probably no invisible force that had spitefully made my grandfather sick because I did not go to Sunday mass.

As an agnostic theist I do not need a supernatural explanation to a very natural thing. I also can acknowledge my feelings of grief, respect, love and the fact that I will never see my grandfather alive again.

When I lose a client or a friend; it is not God teaching me a lesson and if I cheat on my spouse it is not the devil luring me to do so. When I do something wrong I don’t blame God or his adversary; I blame myself. When the economy is bad I look for opportunities but I don’t blame God.

Knowing that I do not know God let’s me focus on the things I know and this is one reason why I am proud to be an Agnostic Theist.